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標題: Jobs, Automation And AI [打印本頁]

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Jobs, Automation And AI
Technology moves at breakneck speed, and we now have more power in our pockets than we had in our homes in the 1990s. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a fascinating concept of science fiction for decades, but many researchers think we're finally getting close to making AI a reality. NPR notes that in the last few years, scientists have made breakthroughs in machine learning,” using neural networks, which mimic the processes of real neurons. Chatbots can also be found in many leading mobile devices around today in the form of personal assistant services. The likes of Siri (Apple iOS), Cortana (Microsoft Windows) and Google Assistant (Android) can arguably be classed as chatbots, as they are able to use AI and machine learning to respond to questions. Some services are even able to link to external apps and services to provide richer experiences, such as weather updates, travel times, or even restaurant reservations.
These results proved similar to an investigation carried out by the Cambridge Assessment looking at GCSE Biology results. They set out to test how well a machine can mark these exams. The early results proved similar to the US example with virtually identical levels of reliability, matching the human markers 88% of the time.
You know, the whole move from the agricultural age to the industrial age actually came with a super amount of pain, too. The pessimistic scenario is, roughly speaking, we have a serious youth-unemployment problem today. And when a large percentage of unemployed youths think they don't have a future, that usually leads to some form of civil instability. And so that civil instability can compound and create reactions that then actually block out the optimistic future.
Initial contact with customers is an important, but often a time consuming and not always fruitful step in the sales process. Conversica uses the power of machine learning and natural language processing to make this first contact on behalf of the company in a convincing way, saving real sales and marketing teams time to focus on quality leads.
Voice recognition searches will naturally have consequences on the rankings marketers shoot for. It will no longer be enough to get into the top 10” of the Google search, users who are using voice recognition won't even see this. Marketers now have to aim for Position 0” on Google.
This isn't some post-apocalyptic vision of the future à la The Terminator. This is a snapshot of the farm of the future. Every phase of the operation—from seed to harvest—may someday be automated, without the need to ever get one's fingernails dirty.

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