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Bitcoin is arevolutionary cryptocurrency. It is produced by distributed computer system network and dictated by complex cryptographic technology.
The second major financial instrument based on bitcoin is beginning to trade on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
The CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE Group, one of  the US's most significant exchanges of options and futures ,opened up bitcoin futures and options for trading at 6 p.m. EST Sunday. The initial price for bitcoin futuress was $20,650, and the digital currency was trading at $20,135 at 6:08 p.m. EST.
The electronic currency has exploded in popularity and price tag this year although drawing challenges relating to its unpredictability.
  Anyoption offers their traders two different platforms tochoose from, one for binary options and one for Forex/CFD trading.
Anyoption is a regulated binary broker which offers traders binary options trading, CFDs and Forex.
Trading contracts for difference with 24option is a great venue to speculate Bitcoin and Litecoin. With its variety and low minimum amount balance of $100, 24option offers a wide assortment of investments to develop a strong investment strategy alongside bitcoin, litecoin CFDs and around. Here is how to open up an account and begin trading in BTC/USD and LTC/USD..
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